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Kabiguru College Of Education

Kabiguru College Of Education result of a whole-hearted endeavour by the Sristi Educational and Charitable Social Trust has been set up with a view to serving a denslypopulated area that has even remained educationally marginal. Absence of a Primary Teacher Training Institute for last decades amply substantiates this marginality. Though a good number of primary, secondary,Higher secondary school and a comple of colleges has come up as educational support to the areas of Karimpur and Tehatta in Tehatta subdivision of Nadia district, and Institute for Primary Teachers' Training has been a long-standing demand of a several million people there. Derozio Primary Teachers' Training Institute simply aims at meeting up with this requirement local Teachers' and freshers have to get admitted to Training Institute as remote as 50km away or more from the locality. To deal with such problem the Sristi Educational and Charitable Social Trust conceived the idea of establishing such academic Training centre.

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